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Latex GalleryThey realized they no clean clothes to wear while they are waiting for their laundry... except latex outfits. Because of latex' arousing effect and of course because those folks are into productive usage of time, all four realized it was a good idea to have a spontaneous orgy right there right then. For the full video go to Latex and Sex

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Latex GalleryThis rubber factory in Eastern Germany halted production during the economic crisis and left plenty of unused latex material. Skillful hands of factory workers' wives turned it into outfits for all to enjoy. For the full video go to Latex and Sex

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Fresh latex and sex vidsWhen you look at the face of the person you love you see love, joy and peace. When you look at a gas mask you see gas attacks, war and destruction. So why not combine the two extreme sensations for enhanced pleasure? This is what this couple did. For the full video go to Latex and Sex

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Yummy redhead Rachel says that the soft touch of latex is the thing that turns her on the most in this life: Well, here in this scene you will see it! Read more here

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Latex fetish moviesShe liked the way latex hides the bodies of her lovers, the way every wrinkle and every imperfect detail disappeared when draped in latex. The dicks protruding from the openings in the costumes now seemed to be parts of the costumes and not the bodies, and appeared to her as lollipops waiting to be tasted. Her passion for latex spills out onto the screen in a full version available at Latex and Sex

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Latex fetish galleryShe came to my store to shop for a latex outfit but couldn't find the one that suited her taste. I had some old stuff lying around at my place, so I told her that I keep my vintage collection at home. We arranged to meet to view the collection. While she was trying the outfits, she got so horny from the feel and the touch of all the latex that she forgot all about shopping and literally jumped at me, ready to devour my cock

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Latex Fetish VidsThe hottest "Latex Fetish Vids": Latex gloves pull back as she presses forward into the pumping! a movie available now!

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Sex With Babes Wearing Rubber DressThe organic feeling of being in the open field in the middle of nowhere made the texture, the smell and the feel of the latex even more exciting for this couple. And then comes the sound of latex... with no other sounds around, it floods their ears with intense excitement. For the full video go to Latex and Sex

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